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About Candy Girl Adventure Game

To begin playing, click on the lime green and white PLAY button located in the center of the welcome screen. This will direct you to the level select screen, where you will find 10 levels that must be completed in sequential order. Your game progress is automatically stored in your web browser. Additionally, the welcome screen provides a full-screen mode button in the upper right corner and a link to the homepage in the lower right corner.

For desktop users, the left and right arrow keys enable horizontal movement, while the up arrow key allows jumping. To enter doors, press the ‘M’ key. On touchscreen devices, utilize the on-screen controls, such as the buttons in the bottom left corner for moving left or right, the pause button in the bottom center, and the A and B buttons in the bottom right corner for entering doors and jumping.

Controls & Indicators: The screen’s top left corner displays the number of remaining lives represented by hearts. The top center shows the number of hard cream candies collected during gameplay.

The game consists of 10 levels that can be completed without defeating any enemies. The objective is to reach the exit door on the right side of each level while collecting as many candies as possible. Dying occurs when players are hit by enemies without jumping on them, jump on spiked enemies, or fall off platforms. Upon dying, a heart container is lost, and the player must restart the level. Each level begins with three heart containers, regardless of the remaining containers from the previous level. Some levels feature additional heart containers that can be picked up to restore lost lives.

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