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About Antique Green Escape

Looking for a thrilling puzzle escape game that tests your attention to detail? Look no further than Antique Green Escape. Set within the confines of an old house with walls bathed in antique green, this point-and-click adventure game challenges you to unlock the mysteries within. Navigate room to room, with each click of the mouse, as you investigate vintage furnishings and seemingly innocuous objects. But be warned, in this game designed by Ichima Coffeedo, nothing is as it seems. Every item could hold the key to solving the enigma and finding your way out.

In Antique Green Escape, your sleuthing skills and problem-solving prowess are pushed to the limit. From simple household objects to cryptic clues hidden within the antique setting, every element could be a piece of the puzzle that aids your escape. The house, with its nostalgic green walls and timeless charm, may lure you into a deceptive calm, further heightened by the ambient soundtrack. Yet, with each click, the tension mounts as you explore new areas using on-screen arrows, collecting crucial items that fill your 12-slot inventory.

Whether you’re a seasoned escape room enthusiast or a casual player with a keen eye for detail, Antique Green Escape promises an immersive, mind-bending adventure. So why wait? Delve into the antique green mystery and start clicking your way to freedom!