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“Piggy Wiggy” is a charming and engaging puzzle game centered around the adventures of greedy little pigs with an insatiable appetite for acorns. The game features these cute characters and uses physics-based puzzles where players must guide the pigs to their treasured acorns by creating links between the pigs and the available hooks in the level. The gameplay is infused with logic, fun, and the captivating challenge of not only acquiring the acorns but also achieving it with the clever use of resources.

The game employs a simple click and drag mechanic to connect the pigs to points on the game screen using ropes and swings. This allows the pigs to grapple, swing, or even launch themselves towards their snacks. The challenge lies in the myriad obstacles and the ingenious use of the physics-engine to maneuver around each level. Timing, gravity, and the elasticity of the ropes all play a part in solving the puzzles, making “Piggy Wiggy” a test of both wits and agility.

As players progress through the game, they encounter increasingly difficult levels that may include moving platforms, balloon rides, lever systems, and barriers that require not just a direct path to the acorns but also avoiding potential hazards. “Piggy Wiggy” captivates with its cute graphics and endearing characters, but it also offers a satisfying brain workout with its cleverly designed levels that challenge players to think creatively to feed these ever-hungry piggies.

You can also play the Seasons (2nd) Version of Piggy Wiggy.