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Enjoy Online 3D Maze and Ninja

Gameplay is primarily focused on the collection of coins to access exit points, all while avoiding menacing monsters that begin to appear from the second level onward. The player embodies a ninja character aiming to clear a total of 30 sequential levels without encountering any monsters. These levels require keen observation and swift movements to complete.

In this interactive game, players begin by either selecting “New Game” or “Help” on the introductory screen. The controls are tailored for various devices; desktop users might use clicking for movement, while touchscreen devices would typically involve tapping. There are multiple functional buttons, including Hamburger, Information, and Home, which have diverse functions like opening level selections or exiting the current level.

The game offers an engaging experience, with the opportunity to replay levels as desired. This feature allows players to improve and refine their skills, mastering each level. With an intriguing blend of coin collection and evasion of foes, this game tests the players’ agility and strategic thinking.