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About Watermelon Drop Game

“Watermelon Drop” is an engaging merge puzzle game where players drop various types of fruits and vegetables into a cup. The game’s core mechanic involves merging similar types of food items when they come into contact with each other. Each successful merge results in a larger and more significant food item. The challenge for players is to merge as many and as large fruits as possible without allowing the cup to overflow. If a piece of fruit or vegetable falls over the edge of the cup, the game ends, and the player’s score is rated​​.

Similarly, “Suika Game,” also known as the “Watermelon Game” in English, is a fruit puzzle or Tetris-style game. In this game, players stack various fruits like watermelons, melons, pineapples, and others in a box, ensuring they don’t cross the line at the top of the field. The goal is to merge fruits of the same kind to evolve them into a larger fruit, with the largest achievable fruit being the watermelon. The game’s objective is to score as high as possible before the box fills up, with a particular aim to create a watermelon by combining fruits​​.

Both games are excellent examples of merge puzzle games, offering a mix of strategic planning and quick decision-making, and are playable on various platforms, including computers and mobile devices.