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About Typing Trainer

Using the Typing Trainer App

Firstly, choose a lesson from the drop-down list marked as “Lesson.” Here are your available choices:

‘Fully Random’ is the default selection that amalgamates alphabets, numbers, and symbols for a comprehensive typing exercise.

‘Random Letters’ is a great choice for beginners as it limits the typing exercise to alphabets and numbers only.

‘Random Special Chars’ makes the typing exercise consist only of special characters.

‘Wikipedia Article’ pulls a random article from Wikipedia for you to type, but note that this might take a few seconds to load.

‘Z / Y Difference’ is useful for those used to the QWERTZ keyboard layout popular in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and many Eastern European countries. As these keyboards have the ‘Z’ key in place of ‘Y’, practicing this difference can help reduce errors.

‘Homerow’ lets you practice the letters on the home row of the keyboard. This is the row where fingers rest when not typing and is a concept known to those who have learned professional typing techniques. If you’re introducing kids to typing and letter identification, this is a suitable option, but you can ignore the ‘homerow’ concept for now.

‘Toprow’ and ‘Bottomrow’ allow you to practice letters and symbols found in the respective rows of the keyboard.

‘Homerow/Toprow’ combines the characters found in the home and top rows of the keyboard for practice.

‘Homerow/Bottomrow’ includes characters from the home row and bottom row.

‘Numberspecials’ restricts the typing exercise to numbers and special characters only.

These options provide flexibility to customize the typing practice according to different learning stages and needs.