About this game

“Try, Die, Repeat” is a unique platformer game that embraces the inevitability of failure in gaming, transforming it into a central gameplay mechanic. Each death in this game is not a failure, but rather a stepping stone towards success. Players navigate through meticulously designed levels, learning from each mistake and using that knowledge to advance. The concept of learning through trial and error is brought to life with a dose of charm and humor in this ingenious game.

The game challenges players to overcome a variety of obstacles, traps, and puzzles. These challenges, which evolve in complexity as the game progresses, test the players’ reflexes, timing, and strategic planning skills. Moreover, each clone’s death is catalogued and can be revisited, enabling players to reflect on their past errors and improve their future attempts. This feature underscores the game’s emphasis on self-improvement and perseverance.

Despite its playful title and whimsical visuals, “Try, Die, Repeat” offers a deep and rewarding platforming experience. The game ingeniously reinterprets the concept of ‘game over’, turning it into an integral part of the gameplay. Players are drawn into a loop of constant progression, where every death brings them one step closer to the end of the level. This innovative approach to platformer design sets “Try, Die, Repeat” apart from its peers, making it a game that both challenges and entertains in equal measure.