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3rd Version of Truck Loader Game

Truck Loader 3 takes the series to new heights with the introduction of gravity-defying puzzles and more complex box types. Building on the core mechanics of controlling a magnetic crane and loading cargo, this installment presents unique challenges that require players to think creatively and execute their moves carefully.

The game introduces new box types that float or fly, adding another dimension to the puzzles. Some levels also flip the gravity, requiring players to think upside-down or sideways. This adds a fresh twist to the gameplay, as players have to adapt their strategies to these new mechanics.

The third installment of the Truck Loader series successfully adds new layers of complexity while retaining the engaging gameplay of its predecessors. The addition of gravity-based puzzles and new box types makes Truck Loader 3 an exciting and challenging continuation of the series.

Newer Version: Truck Loader 4.