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Info about Trollface Defence

“Trollface Defence” is a game that combines elements of humor and strategy within the context of a defense game. In this game, players typically face off against waves of characters or elements associated with the iconic trollface internet meme. The objective is usually to protect a certain area or item from these advancing trollface characters using a variety of humorous and unconventional tactics.

The gameplay often involves placing traps or obstacles to thwart the advancing trollface characters. These mechanisms are typically tongue-in-cheek, playing into the humorous and absurd nature of the trollface meme. The game challenges players to think creatively, as the solutions to each level are not always straightforward and can involve quirky, unexpected strategies.

“Trollface Defence” aligns with the style of other games in the “Trollface Quest” series, known for their playful and satirical take on internet culture and gaming tropes. It offers a unique blend of defense strategy and light-hearted humor, making it an entertaining choice for fans of casual and meme-themed games.