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Info About Tiny Yurts Game

Tiny Yurts is a delightful puzzle game where you connect yurts (traditional tents) to farms. The goal is to build paths that connect the yurts to the farms, ensuring that the settlers can travel easily. You use the mouse to draw paths and can delete them if needed. The game is inspired by the real-world yurts used by nomadic tribes in Mongolia and a popular game called Mini Motorways.

The game features simple graphics made using SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), and the sounds are generated in real-time, making each game unique. You get points based on the number of yurts and animals you have connected. The game becomes more challenging as you progress, requiring careful planning and strategy.

Tiny Yurts is available to play on both desktop and mobile, although playing in fullscreen mode on mobile is recommended for the best experience. This game showcases how much creativity can be packed into a tiny file size of just 13 kilobytes!