Forgotten Hill Games

Forgotten Hill Series Games


Forgotten Hill is a series of point-and-click horror puzzle games known for their eerie atmosphere, challenging puzzles, and intriguing storylines. Developed by FM Studio, the series immerses players in the mysterious world of Forgotten Hill.

The Beginnings: “Forgotten Hill: Fall”

The series began with “Forgotten Hill: Fall,” where players navigate a mysterious cabin after a car breakdown. This game sets the tone for the series with its creepy ambiance and challenging puzzles.

Expanding the Universe

“Forgotten Hill: Puppeteer” and “Forgotten Hill: Surgery” expanded the universe, introducing new characters and locations, each with more complex puzzles and deeper lore.

The Memento Series

The Memento series offers shorter experiences that delve into the backstories of characters and locations in the Forgotten Hill universe, enriching the overall narrative.

“Forgotten Hill: Disillusion” – The Museum of the Unforgotten

“Forgotten Hill: Disillusion” is set in a museum that houses the history and secrets of Forgotten Hill. It stands out for its intricate puzzles and significant contribution to the series’ narrative.

Gameplay and Style

The gameplay involves typical point-and-click mechanics with a focus on puzzles and story. The unique art style combines hand-drawn elements with a grim color palette.

Legacy and Influence

The series has influenced other indie horror games and is praised for its storytelling, puzzles, and art style.


Forgotten Hill’s compelling storytelling, challenging puzzles, and unique art style create an unforgettable experience, continuing to captivate and terrify players worldwide.