Epic Battle Fantasy Games

Epic Battle Fantasy: A Series that Reshapes the Role-Playing Game Landscape

There are few independent games that manage to truly capture the essence of old school RPGs while injecting their own unique and modern flair. One series that manages to do exactly this, delighting fans with its humor, style, and complexity, is the Epic Battle Fantasy series. From its initial launch to the release of its latest installment, this series has carved out a distinctive niche in the gaming community. As of 2023, there are five versions in this series, each one improving and expanding upon the last.

Epic Battle Fantasy Series Overview

The Epic Battle Fantasy series is a turn-based RPG game series developed by Matt Roszak, more widely known as “Kupo707”. It started as a simple battle system with a limited number of characters, and has grown into a full-blown RPG experience, with expansive world maps, complex mechanics, and a rich story that takes players on a breathtaking journey.

The series boasts a humorous and self-aware approach to the RPG genre, often poking fun at genre clich├ęs and incorporating references to various elements of popular culture. Players can fight anything from giant slimes to massive, monstrous deities, using an arsenal of weapons, magic spells, and limit breaks.

Epic Battle Fantasy 1 (2009)

The first game “Epic Battle Fantasy” in the series was essentially a boss fight simulator. It took the key elements of classic RPG battles, such as the Final Fantasy series’ turn-based combat system, and distilled it into a single, focused experience. Players could select from a range of attacks, spells, and abilities to take down the monstrous foes in their path.

Epic Battle Fantasy 2 (2010)

The sequel Epic Battle Fantasy 2 is built on the success of the first game by introducing new mechanics, expanding the roster of characters and abilities, and focusing more on strategy. The game also introduced a plot, albeit a simple one, that created a more immersive experience for the players.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 (2010)

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 took the series to a new level, transforming it from a simple battle game into a full RPG experience. The game introduced a world map for the first time, along with various locations to explore and NPC characters to interact with. It also added more depth to the game’s characters, giving them personalities, backstories, and dialogues.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 (2013)

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 built upon the foundations laid by its predecessor and further expanded the gameplay and world-building elements. The game featured a more complex and intricate storyline, an even larger world to explore, and a multitude of side quests. It also introduced a new character and expanded the game’s combat system, introducing new elements such as a crafting system and weather effects.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 (2018)

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 was the most ambitious game in the series when it launched. It introduced a plethora of new features, such as a weather system that affects battles, a day-night cycle, and hundreds of new, beautifully designed enemies. The game also further refined the series’ already deep combat system, introducing new mechanics like backup characters and synergies between different types of attacks.

Each game in the Epic Battle Fantasy series represents a significant step forward, building upon the successes of the previous installments while introducing new mechanics, features, and narrative elements. As a result, each game feels fresh and exciting, providing hours of engaging and strategic gameplay for fans of the RPG genre.

In conclusion, the Epic Battle Fantasy series has proven that independent games can provide as much depth, complexity, and enjoyment as any major AAA title. By combining classic RPG elements with its own unique brand of humor and creativity, it has established itself as a standout in the gaming community. With five installments under its belt, the series shows no signs of slowing down, promising even more epic battles to come.