Boxhead Series Games


The Boxhead Series is an enthralling set of games that have captured the hearts and minds of players around the globe. Beginning with the original Boxhead game, the series has expanded and evolved, offering a variety of gameplay styles, characters, and settings. This article dives into the evolution of the Boxhead Series, exploring its growth from a simple gameplay concept to a diverse and engaging series.

Origins and Gameplay

The genesis of the Boxhead Series can be traced back to the release of the original game. The simplistic yet engaging design saw players navigating a square avatar through a grid-based environment, combating hordes of zombies. The pixelated aesthetic, coupled with straightforward controls, offered an inviting and easily accessible gaming experience.

Expansion of the Series

As the initial game garnered a dedicated following, the creators expanded the Boxhead universe with the introduction of new characters, levels, and enemies. Subsequent titles such as Boxhead: The Zombie Wars and Boxhead: The Rooms showcased a more complex gameplay structure, integrating additional weapons, multi-player options, and enhanced graphics.

Boxhead’s Legacy

Over the years, the Boxhead Series has cemented its legacy within the gaming community. Its unique blend of simplicity and challenge has ensured its enduring popularity. The accessibility of the series makes it a staple in the browser game genre, inviting players of all skill levels to delve into the zombie-infested worlds time and time again.


The Boxhead Series stands as a testament to the potential of simplicity fused with creativity. Its continuous evolution while retaining the core gameplay mechanics has allowed it to sustain a dedicated player base, proving that an uncomplicated premise can lead to a captivating gaming experience.