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About the Stickman Dragon Fight Game

Key controls include moving with “A/D,” attacking with the space bar, blocking with “B,” dashing with “F,” charging with “Z,” executing special Ki attacks with “Q/W/R,” and transforming with “S.”

In “Stickman Dragon Fight,” players immerse themselves in an action-packed game, embodying powerful heroes to combat malevolent forces. The gameplay demands agility and strategic prowess, as you’ll need to master movement, attacks, and defensive strategies to prevail.

The game offers three engaging modes to explore. In Story mode, players embark on an epic quest, unraveling the world’s mysteries while pursuing their foes. Versus mode allows for teaming up with two other heroes to challenge another trio, testing your skills and abilities in the heat of battle. Tournament mode pits your team against fifteen others in a quest for ultimate glory. Select your hero and dive into the fray to prove your valor.