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About Sonny Game

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“Sonny” is a turn-based strategy RPG developed by Krin and published by Armor Games. Released in December 2007, the game centers on Sonny, a zombie who retains his consciousness but has lost his memories. Players guide Sonny through a series of battles in a post-apocalyptic world, unraveling mysteries and forming alliances. The game is notable for its tactical combat, requiring players to strategically utilize a range of skills to prevail. Its unique artwork and original soundtrack contribute to an engaging gaming experience.

Gameplay in “Sonny” involves managing Sonny’s abilities and resources in turn-based battles to defeat formidable enemies. The game offers a detailed skill tree, allowing players to develop and combine different abilities to suit their playing style. Each battle demands strategic consideration of the enemy’s strengths and weaknesses, making the gameplay both challenging and rewarding.

“Sonny” has been well-received for its compelling narrative, intricate gameplay mechanics, and strategic depth. It has gained a significant following among Flash game enthusiasts, celebrated for its fresh take on the RPG genre. The game’s success led to sequels that further expanded the storyline and introduced new gameplay features.