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“Snow Drift” is a captivating and humorous platformer game developed by Nitrome, released on December 14th, 2007. In this game, players take control of a Yeti navigating through a snowy and icy environment. The primary objective is to knock out penguins and other animals using the Yeti’s unique ice slide ability. This adds a fun and distinctive mechanic to the gameplay, as players must adeptly use the Yeti’s sliding ability to progress through the levels and defeat enemies​​​​.

The game is designed with a pixelated art style that gives it a charming and retro aesthetic. Players move the Yeti character using simple controls: left and right for movement, up to jump, and down to slide while running. This control scheme is easy to learn but allows for a variety of movements and strategies as players navigate through the game’s levels. The levels are composed of different platforms made of ice, snow, and rock blocks, each with its own physical properties and challenges​​.

“Snow Drift” offers a total of 20 levels, each increasing in difficulty and complexity. The game’s challenge lies in not only taking out penguins but also in avoiding various arctic enemies. Players must strategically use the Yeti’s drifting abilities to maneuver through the levels, making the gameplay both engaging and challenging. The player’s high score is determined by the number of penguins knocked out, encouraging replayability and skill improvement. This game is a great example of Nitrome’s ability to create fun, accessible, and visually appealing games that appeal to a wide range of players​​​​.