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Get to know about the game Shopping Marathon

“Shopping Marathon” is a unique puzzle game that combines the elements of bubble popping and number puzzling. The game offers a distinct shopping-themed experience where players can indulge in a virtual shopping spree. It’s designed to keep players entertained with its engaging gameplay and shopping-related challenges.

In “Shopping Marathon”, players have the option to shop in different ways. They can choose to spend smart by comparing prices, or they can opt to shop lavishly with a Prestige card. This aspect of the game introduces a strategic component, as players must decide the best way to shop within the constraints of the game’s mechanics. The game includes a wide range of products, providing a diverse shopping experience and adding depth to the gameplay.

The game features over 70 levels, each presenting unique puzzles and challenges. Players can earn coupons and bonuses as they progress, further enhancing the shopping experience. With its two gameplay modes, “Shopping Marathon” caters to different playing styles and preferences, making it an enjoyable and varied puzzle game for players looking for a unique twist on traditional puzzle mechanics.