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Play Online Prizma Puzzle 3

“Prizma Puzzle 3” is the third installment in the challenging and brain-teasing series of logic-based puzzle games. Like its predecessors, the game invites players to tackle a series of levels filled with intricate pathways and nodes, known as ‘prizmas’.


  • The player’s objective is to light up every prizma by passing over them with a laser beam, starting from the starting point and reaching the endpoint.
  • The catch is that each prizma can only be traversed a limited number of times before it burns out, making the route selection crucial.
  • Players must be strategic in determining their path, avoiding obstacles, and making use of special nodes that offer different utilities or effects.
  • As the game progresses, levels introduce more complexities and hazards, challenging players to think multiple steps ahead.

Dive into “Prizma Puzzle 3” and test your strategic prowess through an array of intricate levels, optimizing your routes, and mastering the art of the prizma!