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Are you ready to perform Shoulder Surgery Doctor? Hahaha! It’s just a game and doesn’t try it for real, just follow the instruction and learn the game steps.

While doing the surgery you must be very careful and don’t make it worse, or the patient will die. We will add more hospital games soon.

“Operate Now – Shoulder Surgery” is another engaging title in the “Operate Now” series, this time focusing on orthopedic surgery. The game places the player in the role of a surgeon, tasked with performing a shoulder surgery on a patient. Like its counterparts in the series, the game offers a realistic surgical simulation experience that is both thrilling and educational, testing the player’s precision, decision-making, and ability to handle pressure.

In this game, players go through the step-by-step process of shoulder surgery, utilizing a range of surgical tools and techniques. Each stage of the operation requires careful attention and precise execution, adding an element of challenge and urgency to the gameplay. The game’s realistic graphics and detailed instructions contribute to an immersive and engaging gaming experience, making the player feel like a real surgeon.

“Operate Now – Shoulder Surgery” also serves as a valuable educational tool. It offers players insights into the human anatomy, specifically the structure and function of the shoulder. The game includes detailed instructions and explanations about each step of the surgery, helping players understand the complex nature of orthopedic procedures. Despite its challenging theme, the game successfully combines education and entertainment, showcasing the power of interactive learning.