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Get to know about the game Natural Selection

“Natural Selection” is a captivating puzzle-based flash game that puts players in control of a tiny, hungry spider, emphasizing the concept of the survival of the fittest, which is a fundamental mechanism in the theory of natural selection. The game’s primary mechanic involves using the spider’s ability to shoot webs to navigate around each level, with the ultimate goal of catching and eating several flies in each stage to survive and progress.

The game starts off relatively simple, with stationary flies and straightforward levels, but quickly increases in complexity. Players encounter obstacles such as electric lights that can burn the spider’s web, platforms that block the spider’s path, or even prey that can move and escape. These challenges require players to think critically and strategically about how they approach each level, using their web-slinging abilities to their best advantage.

Visually, “Natural Selection” utilizes simple yet appealing graphics, with the spider and flies characterized by cartoon-like, expressive designs that add a light-hearted touch to the concept of predator and prey. The game’s physics are intuitive and engaging, making the spider’s movements and the action of shooting webs satisfying and fun.

“Natural Selection” shines in how it merges educational concepts with entertaining gameplay, subtly teaching players about the food chain and ecosystem dynamics while keeping them engaged with challenging puzzles. The game’s accessibility through web browsers, thanks to its Flash format, allows it to reach a broad audience, providing educational entertainment to players of all ages.