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Are you ready to play Money Movers 3?

Money Movers 3 takes a fresh approach to the popular series, this time placing players in the shoes of a skilled prison guard and his loyal canine companion. Tasked with apprehending escaped convicts, the duo must use their combined skills and wits to track down and capture the crafty criminals. The game retains the beloved puzzle-platformer gameplay of the previous titles, while adding an intriguing twist that challenges players to think like the law enforcement officers they once evaded.

The game’s meticulously designed levels present a variety of unique challenges, demanding players to strategize and adapt as they pursue the cunning convicts. Money Movers 3 also expands upon the series’ iconic mechanics by granting the canine companion special abilities, such as crawling through tight spaces and sniffing out hidden objects. These new elements inject fresh excitement into the gameplay, ensuring that Money Movers 3 is a thrilling and engaging experience for both newcomers and long-time fans of the series.