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Get to know about the game Metal Farm

Welcome to “Metal Farm,” a realm where agriculture meets the arcane. In this innovative game, players have the unique task of cultivating six different types of metal plants, each with its own peculiar preferences and aversions towards water and light. Your farm is your battleground, where nurturing these metallic crops will arm you with spells and resources necessary to architect tunnels, cast magic, and outdo your competitors.

As you tend to your metal garden, remember: not all plants are created equal. Some despise the caress of water, thriving instead in molten lava where they can be traded for precious mana. Others flourish in aquatic serenity, their growth contributing to your life force. The sun, too, has its friends and foes among your metallic flora, and it’s your duty to decipher and cater to their whims to ensure a bountiful harvest.

Your magical journey is defined by your ability to learn and cast spells. Utilize the number keys to wield your magic, but take heed of the realms below—hold the DOWN arrow to cast your spells downward, unleashing your power on whatever lies beneath.

Time is of the essence in “Metal Farm.” Your prowess is measured in the seconds it takes to complete your quest. Every moment spent tilling the soil, casting spells, and venturing through tunnels counts towards your final score. In the mystical competition of “Metal Farm,” may the finest time-bound gardener reign supreme!