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About the Game

Mergest Kingdom is an enchanting merge puzzle game that invites players to construct their own fairytale kingdom by matching various resources in groups of three. The journey to build a thriving kingdom begins with completing quests and matching hundreds of objects, each contributing to the growth and development of the realm.

This captivating game offers a multitude of features, such as mining and harvesting resources from the hundreds of objects available for merging. Players start by combining raw materials, which then transform into new items, like houses. These houses can then be merged to create larger homes and so on. The possibilities are vast, with players able to merge everything from dragons and gems to trees. The game also allows players to explore and conquer new lands, providing a sense of limitless adventure. With mysterious creatures to discover and fresh resources to gather, players can freely position their buildings and merge items as they see fit, as the land stretches infinitely.

Mergest Kingdom keeps players engaged by offering various quests to complete, each rewarding gold, gems, and more challenges to overcome. A daily quest provides additional incentives to return to the game, offering gold and gems for successful completion. With its delightful blend of puzzles, exploration, and kingdom-building, Mergest Kingdom promises hours of entertainment for players of all ages.