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About the Game

In terms of controls, utilizing the left mouse button is paramount. You can select, drag, and reposition cars using this simple yet effective control. Simply click on the desired vehicle, hold, and drag it to the required location, either for merging or placing it on the track.

To get started with Merge Round Racers, an inventive car merging game developed by TinyDobbins, the primary task involves generating coins, acquiring various cars, and merging them to create superior models. It’s time to ready your garage, embark on a vehicle collecting spree, and pair identical cars together to create a new, upgraded version. Once your cars are all set, you’ll have to move them to the race track, where every victorious cross of the finish line equates to more coins. Experience the thrill of acquiring the most incredible vehicles and see how high you can level up in this addicting game!

Merge Round Racers is an enthralling and innovative game that involves an exciting mix of strategy, patience, and anticipation. As you progressively improve your garage with high-end models, the gameplay becomes more exciting, with higher rewards and more intense races. Additionally, the sense of achievement from leveling up and expanding your collection of outstanding cars gives you an incessant urge to play more. The simplistic yet addictive nature of this game makes it a must-play for all automobile enthusiasts and casual gamers alike.