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Online Game Magic Safari

You can play Magic Safari 2 as well.

“Magic Safari” is a unique and entertaining puzzle game that combines elements of physics-based challenges with adventure. Players help a friendly and curious zombie who is on a safari adventure across different landscapes, including dense jungles, vast deserts, and mysterious ancient ruins. The goal is to safely navigate the zombie’s vehicle through various obstacles and hazards by manipulating the environment and utilizing magical powers to alter gravity, shape-shift objects, and even make the vehicle invincible at critical moments.

The puzzles in “Magic Safari” require creative thinking and a strategic approach, as players must figure out the correct sequence of actions to clear the path and protect the vehicle from dangers. The game introduces new mechanics and obstacles as the player progresses, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging. The magic-themed abilities add a fun twist to the traditional physics puzzle format, allowing for imaginative solutions to the challenges faced.

“Magic Safari” features vibrant and colorful graphics that bring its whimsical world to life. The cheerful and quirky character of the zombie, combined with the playful yet sometimes challenging puzzles, makes for an enjoyable gaming experience that appeals to a wide audience. With its original concept and charming presentation, “Magic Safari” stands out as a delightful puzzle game that encourages players to think outside the box.