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About LOL Surprise OMG Fashion House

Discover the chic yet tenacious fashion icons in L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Fashion World Online. Engage with characters such as Neonlicious, Lady Diva, Royal Bee, and Swag in one of the top online games for fashion enthusiasts. Begin with your chosen character and dive into various mini-games to uncover more O.M.G. fashion dolls. As you explore, enhance your virtual wardrobe and emerge as a renowned doll designer online.

Delight and advance your BBs through mini-games like outfit recall, virtual jump rope, and stylish dance sequences. Assemble the entire ensemble of trend pioneers from the O.M.G. Core online series. Then, join your L.O.L. pals in your exquisite virtual loft. Upon landing at the digital airport, a virtual cab whisks you away to your new home in the online world.

Personalize your digital space to mirror your style. Like the top-tier decorating games online, adorn your virtual furniture, wallpapers, flooring, and more to make it distinctly yours. Align your collection with your unique style in the online dress-up room. Reinvent your avatar with the snazziest L.O.L. apparel and adornments, preparing to virtually party with mates. Then, elevate your online status by aligning with fashion wavefronts. Venture into a digital photoshoot and flaunt your doll’s trendy dance sequences, crafting your doll’s look and saving your digital portfolio.

Engage in a plethora of mini-games with your virtual doll companions. Enjoy the official soundtrack from your beloved dolls, tuning in to sync your doll’s dance steps. Match virtual food items with your BFF’s requests, or master the online roads with a lavish car in BB Driver. While there’s an abundance of doll and dress-up games on the internet, L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. stands out as a unique offering. Remember, L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. is a registered trademark of MGA Entertainment, Inc., utilized online under license by Azerion.