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Have Fun Playing I Quit Must Dash

“I Quit Must Dash” is a unique platformer game where players control Arthur Stone, an office worker at Greyson Mining Corp, who is unhappy with the new alien-imposed company policy banning moustaches. Determined to keep his beloved moustache, Arthur decides to quit, but in this dystopian office environment, quitting is not allowed. Players must guide Arthur through various hazardous levels in the office to help him escape.

The game is designed as a one-button platformer, making it simple yet challenging. Players must navigate Arthur through obstacles like pools of acid, saw blades, and hostile aliens. Timing and precision are crucial as players jump and dodge through increasingly difficult levels. The game’s difficulty ramps up nicely, providing a tough-but-fair challenge for players who enjoy precision platformers.

“I Quit Must Dash” combines retro pixel art graphics with a humorous storyline, creating an engaging and visually appealing experience. The game’s quirky premise and challenging gameplay have made it a favorite among fans of indie platformers. With unlockable achievements and a level editor for creating custom levels, the game offers plenty of replay value and a unique twist on the traditional platforming genre​​.