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Play Online House of Hazards Single and Multiplayer Game

Embark on a fun and risky adventure with House of Hazards, a multiplayer game where players face a daily struggle against household tasks and unpredictable hazards. In this thrilling game, you perform menial tasks while battling everything from dodgy light fittings to misfiring taps and flying toast slices. With no health or safety guidelines, you’re thrown into a world of chaos and unpredictability.

In House of Hazards, your ultimate goal is to successfully leave the house. This might sound simple, but every task – from making coffee to watering the flowers – comes with its own set of challenges and traps. Meanwhile, your housemates are plotting their mischief, waiting to catch you off guard. If you’re the one causing the hazards, there are various strategies to make your housemates’ lives miserable, from firing lasers to locking them in chests!