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About the Heads Up game

Heads Up is a thrilling vertical distance game that injects a unique twist into zombie-themed gameplay. This brutal game challenges players to shoot a zombie’s head to launch it skyward, encouraging a macabre quest for altitude. The objective is to keep propelling the zombie’s head upwards, creating a path soaked in gore and bringing a new dimension to the usual zombie eradication games.

The game is not merely about shooting aimlessly but involves strategically navigating various obstacles such as traps, sharp pendulums, and other contraptions. Keeping the zombie’s head intact while maintaining the upward momentum adds a layer of strategy to the gory fun. As you continue to drive the head ever higher, you can collect coins that the spinning head amasses along its journey upwards.

These collected coins serve a purpose beyond merely accumulating points. They can be used to purchase valuable upgrades, including new weapons offering faster firing and increased firepower. A money multiplier upgrade is available to accelerate coin collection, making it a worthwhile investment. For a touch of dark humor, you can even purchase a helmet for the zombie, ensuring its head stays intact a little longer when struck by a trap. The real question in this unique game is just how high can you elevate the zombie’s head? Good luck navigating this gruesomely engaging gaming experience!