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Info About Happy Winter: Snowball Matching

Happy Winter Game is a delightful puzzle game set in a whimsical winter wonderland. As players embark on their journey through snow-covered landscapes, they are greeted with a charming challenge: to match snowballs using a limited number of clicks.

The objective of the game is simple yet engaging: players must strategically click on snowballs to change their shapes until they achieve a round form. Once a snowball is perfectly round, the next click triggers a delightful explosion, sending stones flying to all four corners of the board. These stones cascade down, transforming the shapes of adjacent snowballs, bringing a dynamic twist to the gameplay.

The game mechanics require players to think ahead and plan their clicks carefully. With each click, they must consider not only the immediate impact on the current snowball but also the potential chain reactions that could occur as a result of the explosion. By strategically positioning their clicks, players can create cascades of explosions, clearing the board with efficiency and precision.