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About the Game

The “Halloween 2020” Google Doodle game is an immersive, interactive experience that takes you on a magic cat academy adventure. The game revolves around a feline character navigating its way through an underwater world, fighting off ghosts with spell casting. The first of the five levels takes place under the sea, and with each level, the ghosts become increasingly difficult to defeat, ramping up the challenge for the player.

The mechanics of the game involve swiping in the pattern of the symbol above the ghost’s head to defeat them. As the levels progress, players need to swipe faster and more accurately to keep up with the waves of ghosts. The fun, colorful design and immersive gameplay give the game a charming appeal.

“Halloween 2020” is notable for its incorporation of touch-based gesture controls and its successful translation of the Halloween theme into a fun, family-friendly game. The use of a feline protagonist in a magical underwater world provides a unique take on the holiday, making it a memorable and engaging Google Doodle game.