Learn about Habla Kadabla

Habla Kadabla is a magical point-and-click adventure set in the whimsical town of Habla Kadabla. Players take on the role of Habla, the owner of a magic shop who finds herself in a pinch when her cash register is stolen. Without it, she cannot keep her store open.


  • Navigate through various scenes within the town, interacting with quirky characters and solving puzzles.
  • Collect items and use them strategically to advance through the story.
  • Engage in delightful dialogues and uncover clues that will help Habla retrieve her stolen register.

Note: Before starting, it’s always beneficial to familiarize oneself with the game’s controls and mechanics. The game provides intuitive prompts, making it easy for players of all ages to get involved and immersed in Habla’s world.

Embark on a charming adventure, meet unique town inhabitants, and help Habla solve the mystery of her missing cash register!