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About Go Kart Go Ultra

Rev your engines for Go Kart Go! Ultra! Navigate tracks like the Old Station, Central Park, and Watermill Mine. Each race gives players the opportunity to collect stars, which unlock new characters. For those seeking a challenge, try out the two-player racing mode and face off against friends. Secure a victory in Go Kart Go! Ultra online and boast about your top-tier racing skills.

For Player 1, steering is managed with arrow keys, use items with the space bar, jump and drift with the shift key, look behind using the Z key, pause with Esc/P, and mute sound with the M key. Player 2 utilizes the WASD keys for steering, Q for item usage, Tab for jumping and drifting, E to glance backward, and just like Player 1, can pause with Esc/P and mute with M.