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About the Date Week Mod of Friday Night Funkin’ Game

Delving into the narrative of FNF The Date Week, a mod for the acclaimed rhythm game Friday Night Funkin’, one is introduced to the heartfelt tale of Carol and Whitty’s initial encounter. This pivotal moment takes place amidst a mellifluous musical battle, encapsulating the perfect blend of emotion, romance, and rhythm. The significance of this event stems from the fact that these characters are amongst the most recognized and loved within the entire Friday Night Funkin’ universe.

The conception of this momentous event was made possible through the collective efforts of a diverse group of authors and developers. Their joint venture resulted in the creation of three captivating songs, accompanied by fresh, innovative animations for the characters of Carol and Whitty. Players are also treated to an immersive gaming atmosphere, replete with allusions to the original rhythm game. As you assume the character of Whitty, you are challenged to stay in rhythm while singing Whitroll, Perfume, and Heartbass with your distinct, metallic-yet-melodic voice.