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Enjoy Duo Survival 3

Duo Survival 3, developed by 7Spot Games, is a captivating 2-player cooperative puzzle game just like Fireboy and Watergirl Games that puts players in control of two apocalypse survivors trying to escape from zombies in obstacle-laden levels. The game’s control keys are straightforward: move with AD or Left/Right arrow keys, jump with W or Up arrow key, and kick or throw bottles using S or Down arrow key. Players must leverage each character’s unique strengths to successfully solve ingenious puzzles, explore hidden rooms, and trigger thrilling contraptions on their journey to find the cure and save the world.

The game is best enjoyed when played with a friend, significantly enhancing the overall experience as both players work together to overcome obstacles and complete levels. Duo Survival 3 takes players on an exhilarating adventure with the beloved survivor duo, who are back for more action-packed escapades. The game is perfect for those seeking a challenge that combines teamwork, strategy, and quick thinking in a thrilling race against time in a zombie-infested world.