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Playing this Cool Dimension Harrier Game

In the aftermath of the fierce war of A.D. 6075, deep within the recesses of cyberspace, a figure known as the Dimension Harrier rises once more. This character, emblematic of justice and courage, emerges to thwart an evil tyrant’s nefarious schemes, aiming to restore tranquility to the serene Land.

Hidden within the intricate web of the digital world lies a dimension shrouded in mystery. It’s a realm whispered to be teeming with unimaginable horrors, unseen marvels, and narratives so profound they defy comparison. This lost dimension holds the stage for an impending battle that promises to become the stuff of legends.

As the eyes of the universe watch in anticipation, a legendary confrontation looms. A conflict so monumental, it’s sure to etch its story into the annals of time for generations to come. The stage is set, and the moment has arrived. “Welcome to Dimension Harrier!” echoes in the endless expanse of the digital realm.

In this complex world, control is critical. To move your character, use the keys: ArrowUP or W for upward movement, ArrowDown or S to go down, ArrowLeft or A to move left, and ArrowRight or D to move right. To fire, use the Left Mouse button, Ctrl (L, R), P, or Joystick 0 Button. The game can be paused during play or exited in the menu using the ESC button.

Take note of a hidden secret: the renowned Konami Code. Inputting “W,W,S,S,A,D,A,D,P” in the Menu Title Scene will grant you a starting bonus of 3,000 HP points, providing an advantage in your epic journey. The stage is set, the controls are in your hands. Now, let the legendary battle unfold.