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“Dad N’ Me” is an action-packed beat ’em up game developed by Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin, creators of “Alien Hominid.” Released on Newgrounds in July 2005, the game features a unique blend of chaotic fighting and cartoonish graphics. Players control a mischievous purple character, dropped off by his dad, as he goes on a rampage through a neighborhood, fighting other kids and causing mayhem. The game is known for its vibrant art style, dynamic combat, and humorous undertones​.

Gameplay involves using the arrow keys to move and the A and S keys for light and heavy attacks, respectively. Players can perform various combos and pick up objects like propane tanks to use as weapons. The game also features a “rage mode” that enhances the character’s attacks temporarily. The objective is to defeat all opponents and progress through increasingly challenging levels​.

“Dad N’ Me” has been celebrated for its engaging combat mechanics and playful art style. It has remained a favorite among fans of Flash games for its unique blend of action and humor, offering a nostalgic trip for those who enjoyed it during its initial release​.