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Play Cat Ninja Without Flash Player

Here is the Cat Ninja Game that is now working. No Need to have a flash player. It works like HTML 5 game and you can enjoy the cool adventure of the cat. Jump, move, dash and have fun.

Cat Ninja: The Quest For The Magical Energy Crystals is an adventurous platform game where players control a nimble ninja cat. The main objective is to navigate through various levels filled with traps and obstacles, collecting magical energy crystals to save the world from exploding. Players must use the ninja cat’s abilities to run, jump, climb walls, and avoid hazards like spikes and lasers. Each level presents unique challenges that test your reflexes and strategic thinking.

The game features intuitive controls, including arrow keys or WASD for movement, up for jumping (double click for a double jump), and down for rolling. Players must carefully time their movements to deactivate traps, such as hitting red buttons to turn off lasers or using gravity switches that flip the game upside down. These mechanics add layers of complexity and excitement to the gameplay.