About the Backyard Version of the Burning Wheels Game

“Burning Wheels Backyard” takes the adrenaline-fueled excitement of its predecessor and brings it to a new locale – a sprawling backyard turned racetrack. This game maintains the fast-paced, competitive racing action of the original but adds a unique twist with its unconventional setting.

The backyard setting provides a fresh array of challenges and obstacles for players to navigate. The tracks wind through garden tools, around toys, and over miniature jumps, offering a unique racing experience. The game also includes the same power-ups and vehicle selection as the original, adding further depth and strategy to the races.

“Burning Wheels Backyard” is a fun and exciting continuation of the “Burning Wheels” series. The unique setting, combined with the thrilling racing mechanics, makes it a standout racing game that provides plenty of fun and competitive action.