Play Online Bugs Invasion TD

Bugs Invasion TD is a tower defense game where players must protect rare plants from relentless armies of bugs. The main objective is to stop the bugs from reaching and damaging the plants by strategically placing various floral towers along their path. These towers can shoot at the bugs, helping to prevent them from progressing.

In this game, players earn money by successfully stopping bugs and by ensuring water reaches the plants. This money can be used to buy and upgrade towers, making them more effective against stronger waves of bugs. Each level becomes progressively harder, requiring careful planning and strategic tower placement to succeed. The game also includes various achievements that add an extra layer of challenge.

Bugs Invasion TD offers a mix of fun and strategy, making it a great choice for fans of tower defense games. The game is available on multiple platforms, including Kongregate and Newgrounds, making it easily accessible for anyone looking to defend their plants from the invading bugs​.