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“Brave Squad” is a hybrid clicker and RPG game that starts with a training session to ensure players understand the mechanics and objectives. In this game, players lead a team of heroes to battle endless waves of monsters. The core gameplay involves simple clicking or tapping to attack enemies and collect gold. This gold is then used to upgrade heroes, expand the party, and hire workers who gather resources even when the player is offline, allowing for constant progression and engagement.

As players advance, they start with a single hero and gradually unlock new characters with unique abilities. The game features an endless progression system, requiring continuous upgrades to tackle increasingly powerful monsters. This system, coupled with achievements and milestones, provides additional goals that enhance the game’s replayability.

“Brave Squad” is praised for its addictive and straightforward gameplay. The blend of RPG elements with idle clicker mechanics keeps players invested as they build and strengthen their team of heroes. The colorful graphics and intuitive controls make it accessible and enjoyable for a wide range of players, offering a satisfying gaming experience that appeals to both casual and dedicated gamers.