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Play Online Brave Soldier game

To start the game, hit the enter key with “START GAME” highlighted in yellow, use the arrow keys to select. Levels are unlocked one after the other, and your web browser saves your game progress, including completed levels and coin savings. The welcome screen offers additional options, such as reading game controls, toggling audio, or viewing game credits. Use the arrow keys to select an option and press enter to confirm. Press backspace or the B key on a game controller to return to the main menu.

Game controls vary depending on the device. On desktops, use the arrow keys to move, jump, and release ropes, and the spacebar to shoot. On the level select screen, use the arrow keys to navigate and press enter to select a level. Game controllers use the direction pad buttons for movement and jumping, with the A button or down arrow to release ropes and X to shoot. The game is designed for desktop or devices with a game controller, and may not work on touchscreen devices without controllers or keyboards.

The game’s interface displays information such as health, level number, coin savings, and cumulative score. Unlocked levels appear green on the level select screen, and completed levels are marked with a checkmark. The game features three base cyborg types across the first 14 stages: magenta, green, and brown. Each has unique behaviors and attack patterns. Destroy cyborgs by shooting them four or five times or blowing up nearby explosive barrels. Avoid attacking while hanging from ropes, as getting hit will cause you to fall.

The Cyborg Skull boss battle is a challenging game and requires over 100 shots to defeat. The boss has several attack types, each indicated by its eye color. To avoid damage during the amber attack, climb vines and move towards the skull, jumping in the same direction as the boss’s shots. During the green attack, hang on the top vine and shoot, jumping only to dodge incoming shots. Avoid the red attack by staying low and near the edge of the screen, moving and jumping to dodge fire. During the blue attack, hang from a vine below the top, shoot the boss, and jump to avoid incoming shots. Occasionally, the boss disappears and three green cyborgs enter the screen; defeat them without taking damage.

The game consists of 15 levels that are unlocked sequentially. You can replay completed levels at any time. Complete a level by reaching the far right of the screen with some health remaining. Falling off platforms or running out of health resets the level. Earn points by shooting enemies and explosive barrels, and collect coins throughout the levels, although they can’t be used to purchase anything. Points and coins are retained even if you die.