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About Bouncing Bunny Game

Begin the game by selecting anywhere on the welcome screen to access the level select screen. At first, only the first level is available, and you unlock additional levels as you complete them. Your web browser will automatically save your game progress.

For desktop controls, use the left and right arrow keys or mouse clicks to move left and right. Press the down arrow key to stop flying after consuming a beet red carrot. For touchscreen devices, tap the left side of the screen to jump left and the right side to jump right. Four buttons in the upper right corner control sound, level selection, restarting the level, and returning to the game welcome page.

The game features 16 levels, each with a unique design and increasing difficulty, although level 16 is relatively easy. In early levels, players must jump over gaps in platforms, while level 6 introduces red box platforms that disappear quickly, and level 11 introduces beet red carrots that enable horizontal flight. Levels are completed once the last carrot is eaten, regardless of the player’s trajectory.

Movement in the game is performed by bouncing, with the length of the jump determined by how long the mouse left click button, arrow key, or touchscreen is held. To avoid falling off platforms, make several small jumps to the edge before executing a full jump. When navigating red blocks, maintain constant motion and strategically plan your path to avoid becoming trapped by a wall.

Players die if they fall off a platform, but the game offers unlimited continues.