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Playing Bloons Tower Defense 6

BTD6 is a strategy game by Ninja Kiwi. It’s the sixth game in the Bloons Tower Defense series. Players aim to stop “bloons” by placing towers on their path.

New towers, upgrades, and heroes add depth to BTD6. There are 22 tower types with unique abilities and upgrades.

Heroes are a new feature in BTD6. These strong units have special abilities and level up during play. Using heroes wisely can change the game’s outcome.

BTD6 has various game modes for different skill levels:

  1. Standard: Win by finishing a set number of rounds.
  2. Deflation: Survive with a limited budget and no income.
  3. Apopalypse: Endless mode with bloons that get stronger.
  4. Sandbox: Test strategies with no bloons and unlimited resources.
  5. Impoppable: Face tougher bloons and limited lives.

Progress in BTD6 earns experience points and in-game currency. Use them to unlock new towers, upgrades, and game features.