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Control Keys:

To make your way through the game, you need to get familiar with the control keys. Use the WASD or Arrow keys to move your vehicle or drive around. The Left Click function allows you to engage with opponents by firing your weapon. If your car is damaged, worry not, as pressing ‘E’ lets you repair it in real-time. To enter or exit your car, simply press ‘F’.

About Blocky Cars:

Blocky Cars, a 3D online vehicle shooter game, is the brainchild of Full HP ltd. This game gives you a virtual space to perform all the thrilling car actions you’ve dreamed about: Racing at high speeds, firing at enemies, and even crashing into other players in arenas brought to life with vibrant colors and designs.

Earning rewards:

The game also includes a rewarding in-game economy. As you engage in these exhilarating activities, you earn virtual currency. This can be used to buy a variety of chests brimming with unlockable items. These include futuristic cars, formidable tanks, potent guns, interactive walking robots, stunning skins, and much more.

Endless possibilities:

In Blocky Cars, the excitement never ends as you engage in action-packed battles with other players. You can also enjoy the thrill of a car-free shooting experience. Regardless of your style of play, Blocky Cars offers a fun-filled package of cars, creativity, and chaos. Why take our word for it? Dive in and experience the adrenaline rush for yourself!