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About Blastman Game

To start playing the game, players can select “Play” on the bottom left of the welcome screen. They can also select “Story” on the bottom right to learn about the background lore of the game. Other buttons on the left side of the screen include the Facebook and Twitter buttons for sharing the game on social media, the game controller button to view other games, and the “i” button to learn about the game’s controls. It’s worth noting that the game’s progress is not saved automatically, so players should be prepared to clear the entire game in one go.

The game controls differ depending on whether you’re playing on desktop or a touchscreen device. On desktop, players can use the A and D keys or the left and right arrow keys to move, the W key or the up arrow key to jump, the S key or the down arrow key to slide, and the L or X keys to attack. Players can jump and run while attacking. On touchscreen devices, players can use the arrow buttons on the bottom left corner to move, slide, and jump, and the shoot button on the bottom right corner to attack.

The game interface includes indicators in the top left corner of the screen for remaining health, collected gems, and earned points. The top right corner of the screen features buttons for turning the game’s audio on or off and pausing the game to open the pause menu for restarting or quitting the level.

To progress through the game, players must collect coins to earn points, find all three gems to open the door, shoot enemies to defeat them, and avoid enemies and traps. Levels are unlocked sequentially, and players must finish one level to unlock another. Boxes, elevators, spikes, lasers, flamethrowers, crushers, and blades are among the level features that players must navigate to progress to the door.

Players have a limited amount of health, which they can lose by hitting a trap, touching an enemy, or getting attacked by an enemy. Traps diminish a lot of health at once, so players must be extra careful. Health can be replenished by picking up hearts around the level. To defeat enemies, players must shoot them. Enemy fire can be avoided by ducking.

The game’s score is based on the number of coins collected, with each coin being worth 100 points. Overall, the game requires strategic thinking, quick reflexes, and careful planning to progress through the levels and defeat enemies while avoiding traps and hazards.