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Play Online Battle Gear Underground 4

“Battle Gear Underground 4” plunges players into the heart of subterranean warfare, blending strategy and action in this platform-based war simulation. Navigate the unique underground landscapes as you orchestrate strategic offensives across multiple rows and varied terrains.

Gameplay Dynamics: Dive into 40 intricate levels, each presenting its distinct battlefield and challenges. With four different paths to explore, the game offers a multifaceted experience that keeps players on their toes. Strategically release units across the four rows, balancing your forces between infantry, artillery, and air units. Precision is key; deploy the right unit at the right time to maximize damage and defend your stronghold.

The game boasts an array of advanced defense mechanisms. From launching high-powered airstrikes to deploying state-of-the-art defense towers, players are equipped with an arsenal to fend off the enemy onslaught. Enhance your units with supported skills, making them more formidable and adapting them to the challenges ahead.

As players progress, they can unlock an array of medals, adding another layer of achievement to the gameplay. With every victory, the battlefield morphs, ensuring every level feels fresh and requires a new strategy.


  • Mouse Control: Navigate and interact with the game environment.
  • Scroll: Use ‘A’, ‘D’, or the Left/Right Arrow keys for a smooth scroll. For a rapid scroll, utilize the ‘Z’, ‘X’, ‘C’ keys or click on the Mini Map.
  • Deploying Units: Press keys ‘1-9’ or click on a unit, then click on one of the four rows to position it.
  • Switching Unit Type: Keys ‘Q’ through ‘U’ or click on the Unit Type to change.
  • Enhancing Units: Click on a supported skill, then select a unit to add the skill.

Dive into the underground warfare of “Battle Gear Underground 4” and test your strategic prowess. Every decision impacts the tide of battle. Are you ready to command your forces to victory?