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“Archery King” is an immersive archery simulation game that challenges players to master both precision and timing. It mirrors the world of competitive archery, requiring players to be keenly aware of various factors that influence their shots, all while battling against the clock.

CONTROLS: The game is intuitively designed to simulate the experience of archery. To activate your bow, simply move your mouse around the designated area, often indicated by an image on the left. Once the bow is activated and aimed, a simple click releases the arrow, sending it soaring towards the target.

GENERAL: Aiming for the prestigious European Cup? First, you need to make a mark in the qualifying tournament. Players need to rank at least 15th in this tournament to be eligible for the European Cup. “Archery King” doesn’t just test your aim, but also the speed at which you take your shots, both of which significantly impact your score. The qualifying tournament takes you through 4 cities, each presenting its own set of trials across a maximum of 3 distances. Once you qualify, the European Cup spans 7 cities. Players have the option to compete at 50m, 70m, or 90m distances. And remember, it’s not just about aiming straight. The wind can be a tricky adversary, influencing the trajectory of your arrows.

SCORE: Your prowess in the game is reflected in the points you score. For every shot, players can score between 1 to 10 points, depending on their accuracy. Adding a layer of strategy, the game rewards quick shots. The quicker you release your arrow, the more bonus points you earn. Specifically, the time of your trial divided by 10 gives you extra points. This scoring mechanism ensures that players must balance accuracy with speed.

EXPERIENCE (EXP): As players journey through “Archery King”, they accumulate experience points or EXP. This isn’t just a measure of how long you’ve played but also influences gameplay. As your EXP grows, so does your control over the bow. This means, the more experienced you are, the steadier your aim and the better your chances of hitting that perfect score. It’s a beautiful way the game ensures that players feel their growth and development as they play.