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“17th Shape” is an innovative puzzle game that takes inspiration from the popular 2048 game format. In this game, players slide tiles with geometric shapes to combine them, aiming to progress through increasingly complex shapes until they reach the coveted 17th shape. The game stands out with its two power-ups: one that allows players to regroup similar geometrical figures in adjacent positions, and another that enables reshuffling of the board when the player is stuck with no available moves. These power-ups add an extra layer of strategy to the game.

The gameplay is intuitive, involving the use of mouse or touch controls to slide and merge the tiles. Each successful combination results in a new, more complex shape, providing a visually stimulating and mentally challenging experience. Players can save their progress, allowing them to resume their game from the last achieved shape. This feature, along with the game’s innovative approach to the 2048 puzzle genre, makes “17th Shape” an engaging and challenging game for players who enjoy problem-solving and strategy.